• Reliable Services
    Reliable service for your need
    Pakistan's one of the leading service provider
    making this the first true service provider in Pakistan.
    Provide complete range of customized software solutions
    Offer you a call-out-service for any support to make it easier
    95% Guarantee Support
    We design, install and support local and wide area network infrastructures
    Live troubleshooting and problem solving via remote assistance
  • Who we are
    Founded in Islamabad in 2010
    ZAC Solutions has grown rapidly to become a leading presence.
    Establish world-class alliances with IT leaders
    Offer our valued customers only the best selected solutions
    ZAC Solutions team comprises highly-qualified technical staff
  • What we do
    We always offers strategic solutions
    Solutions that matter
    ZAC Solutions provides total e-business solutions
    Our main objective is to provide a vision to our client
    Develops all kind of applications
    Apps Including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla
    Designs and manages professional web sites, portals & interactive communities
  • Service we do
    First we listens, and then utilize the best new technologies
    Some of our customized services:
    Enterprise servers configuration and maintenance
    General Order Supplies
    Sale and Purchase
    Network solutions & troubleshoot

We’ll just take care of it for you!

With the rapid increase of Information Technology, Companies’ IT demands has increased and its valuable information has become more and more vital to maintain and support. As data is now recognized as the most important of all business assets, its availability has become imperative to organizational health: no company can realistically expect to lose access to information for extended periods of time without suffering drastic financial consequences. Read More...

Need a Software?
We provide complete range of customized software solutions for your need.
Having Trouble with Network?
We have a wide range of Network Solutions.
Worried about Network Security?
We design, install and support local and wide area network infrastructures for small and medium size business.

We Deals In:

Computer Sale & Purchase | Hardware Troubleshooting | Networking | Software Development | Web Development | Web Designing | General Order Supplier